Here are some of the tutorials that I've written. All of the tutorials were made with Photoshop 7.

iPod People
This tutorial is really simple and just shows how to go about taking a picture and turning it into a silhouette.
Color Change
A pretty simple color slide animation.
Noise Animation
Can be used to create subtle animation.
Pop Out Sigs
Ever see those signatures that look like there is a person (or thing) come out of the signature? This tutorial will help you learn how to do that.
Rain Animation
This tutorial will teach you one way of creating a nice rain effect.
Need to remove the background from an image? This will help.
Video Clip Animation
This tutorial will show you how to take a video clip, select a portion of it and insert it into a graphic.
Scarface Poster Tutorial
This is a technique that I learned while trying to duplicate the look of the Scarface movie poster for someone.
Graphic Worm Tutorial
Hopefully this tutorial will be helpful to those that participate in graphic worms.
Glow Text Animation
Just a really simple glow animation.
Smilie Tutorial
This tutorial will show how I made the smilie in the example image.
Glitter Text Animation
You see a lot of glitter animation used these days. This tutorial will show you how to make animated glitter text with a transparent background.


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