Graphic Worm

Sample Image

Until I started participating in a graphic worm over on Proboards Support, I had never heard of a graphic worm. But as soon as I looked at the example links that were provided to show people what a graphic worm is, I was completely in awe of a lot of the images that I saw. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to try it. I loved the challenge of the whole thing. Now, you have to understand that sometimes there isn't really a challenge in creating a connecting image if a person makes the right side of their image a solid color, or even a gradient color. If there isn't a lot going on on the right side, it can be pretty easy to create a connecting image. I decided to write this tutorial to show one example of how to go about creating a connecting image when it's not so simple, when there is a lot of texture on the right side. But not only that, this tutorial, in my opinion, can be very useful even if you are working with a solid color because I show you how to go about working with the previous image to make sure that your connecting image does connect without an obvious line separating the two images.

I state this in the tutorial but I will state it here too ... this is one way of doing it. There are many other ways to go about creating a connecting image. Perhaps in the future I will write up additional worm tutorials to show how I've done some of my more complex image worm pieces.



Below are some links to various graphic worms online.

Here are the links to the worms that I have participated in, and those that I host.


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